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Letter from the President

Dear Future Member,

As an ultra-high-net-worth individual, my goal was to relocate to the Principality of Monaco and meet with like-minded people.

After acquiring ownership in the Living in Monaco magazine and Niche Media, together with the co-owners, we started to envision the Ultim8 Private Club to bring high-net-worth residents together. The key vision of our Ultim8 Private Club is to connect with inspiring and successful people through exciting and experience-driven events.

I believe most people in Monaco often feel the desire to do something more than what they are used to. Although the Principality of Monaco offers on average 700 events a year, I noticed that something is missing.

This is how the idea came about to bring people in the same positions together where they feel they can be truly themselves and can connect through shared moments. During these experiences, they can learn from each other and have an acquaintance or friendship based on common interests, which in turn can develop into common projects.

Niche Media was built on community and its purpose is to educate and bring together residents. These values were always among the most important pillars of the company which I want to safeguard with the Ultim8 Private Club as well.

As the President of the Ultim8 Private Club, I aim to make a difference and offer something unique. This is why we added to our list of planned events experiences like helicopter trips, submarine diving, a space travel conference and gala, as well as a crypto & meta mansion event.

Culture and social impact are two highly important topics for me, therefore, we have also teamed up with local associations to help them make a difference.

If you are an ultra-high-net-worth person looking for experience-driven events, meeting with others with similar backgrounds, while you can also make a difference, please send your application form to join our exclusive Ultim8 Private Club family.

We also offer limited public events, where you can join as well to gain insight, and experience the vibe of the club while building up invaluable connections.

I am looking forward to welcoming you!

Sincerely yours,

Richard Van Mulken
President of the Ultim8 Private Club

Richard Van Mulken, President of the Ultim8 Private Club
Richard Van Mulken, President of the Ultim8 Private Club